Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Marathon Vacation Summer 2012, part I: Aspen/Snowmass, and Crested Butte

on our way to Colorado via New Mexico

ready for adventure

Howdy everyone, I'm back and here to let you know about the great fun we had this summer (I know I'm a little behind the curve, but hey, I'm a busy guy!).  This summer, I got to go to California, Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico.  I will save the California trip for later because I love to talk about Mickey!  We were gone for almost 3 weeks, and at the end I didn't want to go back home because there were double digit temps with high humidity, yuck and welcome back to Texas!
feeling pretty crummy!
mommy skiing around 4 years old
First, mommy, daddy, and I headed to Snowmass/Aspen to spend a couple of days hiking, riding the gondola, and letting mommy relive her childhood vacation spot.  Big Papa and Nana Dee used to own a condo there, so they spent a lot of time in Snowmass skiing.  Here is a picture of mommy when she was just a little older than me learning how to ski.  I'm trying to convince daddy that I need to learn pretty soon (and so does he :)).

gondolas are soo cool!

riding with daddy
We were delayed a day because I got strep throat during our stopover in Midland, which I passed along to 2 of my cousins (sorry about that, Jackson and Lincoln!).   Mommy and Daddy drove straight through from Midland to Snowmass the second day, where we went over Independence Pass, one of Nana Dee's favorite places.  It was getting dark, cold, and rainy, but oh so beautiful!!!  By the time we got to Snowmass, I was fussy from being in the car for 16 hours, mommy and daddy were tired, and poor daddy had to unload the entire car up to the third floor due to bear break-ins (no joke).  An hour later, daddy was exhausted, and I did not want to go to bed.  So, the marathon trip there ended.
The next morning, I experienced my first gondola ride in Aspen...the view was breathtaking!  Later that afternoon, we went shopping around the town, and then returned to our condo in Snowmass for some R&R.  The following morning, we went hiking and got mixed in with a group a 4 year old hikers...they were just finishing a mile hike!  Hopefully, I can do that one day!  We then headed to Crested Butte to spend time with grandma and grandpa and celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.
on the gondola with mommy

beautiful pic of the mountains driving in

me and my cousins

Trey panning for gold
the license plate building in Crested Butte
love this pic!  Miss H and grandpa
Harmel's point with Aunt Dani, Tessa, and Trey
Taylor and me picking up rocks
all grandpa's grandkids

all of the cousins
hiking Harmel point

mining for gold with Uncle Pat
some of the college boys!

family pic :)

Tessa panning for gold
the entire Thomson clan

Around the mountains and through the woods to grandma's we went!  We arrived at Harmel's, a bonefide dude ranch; the rest of the family had already arrived.  The first thing I wanted to do was see the horses and the river.  We spent our time the next few days hiking with family, trying to sleep with no AC and one window (yuck!), and hanging out by the river.  Mommy and Daddy also went white water rafting and got drenched.  Timothy and Trey dared mommy to try the "Plunge", which is where you stand on a specific rock and fall straight back, stiff as a board.  The water was freezing, but she took the dare!  Daddy also temporarily lost his sunglasses in the river because he and Uncle Carr were horse-playing around.  Thanks to about half of the tour, they found all the parts!  I stayed with Aunt Misty, grandma, and Miss H and watched them float by.  I was having fun with the ladies!  
Tessa with grandpa

on my first chair lift
Uncle Carr and Aunt Kathy
We did have a little excitement with our accommodations though.  The people next to us apparently didn't get along and they stayed up all night to argue and smoke.  No fun for a recovering baby when the windows have to be open so we could get a breeze.  Finally, daddy and grandpa went and complained, so they moved us to the cabin next door to grandma and grandpa, which was...close to the water!!!!  Bonus for me! That night, mommy started cooking me a baked potato and all of the sudden a terrible smell came from the oven.  It was a dead mouse that had gotten into the oven and died!  The smell was the worst thing I had ever smelled.  Needless to say, the rooming situation was an adventure.
our property
One of my favorite things that we did while in Crested Butte was to go to Schofield in the National Forest and see our family property.
The anniversary couple!
aunts and mommy
waterfall at the old mill
 I had heard about it, but mommy and I had never seen it.  We hiked down to a waterfall that had the remains of an old mill, and then returned to enjoy a picnic lunch.  I wish we could have stayed longer because it was so beautiful.  The last evening, we all went out to dinner in Gunnison at an Italian restaurant to celebrate grandma and grandpa's 50th wedding anniversary.  The food was great (I mean, who doesn't like pizza and pasta!) and we all had a fun time.  The next day, the family went our separate ways, with us going on to Denver to put daddy on a plane back to Texas and to pick up Nana, Kinsey, and Kyler from the airport to continue the second half of our adventure.  Stay tuned for the second half soon!

Until next time,

the tot

Monday, October 22, 2012

It's been a while!!!

my throne!

on the road again!
Wow!  It has been a loongg time since I've been on here and a lot has changed.  I am 20 months and full of energy and spunk.  I say a lot and understand even more ( I try not to let on that I understand what mom is saying though ;)).  After all of my problems with reflux, I stayed at home with my mom and over at cousin Anaiah's house as well for the last year.  Mom started her own business and now I am back at St. Michael's with all of my friends!

 This summer we visited the Thomson clan in California and went on a month long road trip through New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming, spending time with grandma, grandpa, nana, cousins, and aunts and uncles.  I wanted to stay and explore more of the mountains, but that will have to wait until next year.  More to come about that trip in a future post. As you can see, I spent much of the summer with a view from my car seat!

 Speaking of cousins, I now have another cousin to add to the mix-Frank Thomas, and he has dimples just like me!  I think he has my good looks :)  Anyways, that is all for now and there will be more adventures to come soon (hopefully not a year from now though!).

Frank Thomas H. 

Until next time,

the tot

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


My mommy was diagnosed with melanoma, a very serious skin cancer in early July and had surgery at MD Anderson to remove it.  It has been a rough past couple of months, but God works in amazing ways even through our darkest periods.  Our church, FBC Bryan, is in the middle of the 7 miracles of Jesus and asked for any stories from the congregation on miracles that we have seen in our own lives.  Here is the story she wrote to our church:

My story starts with and is much about my son as it is me.  Tate was born on January 31st of this year and is our first child.  You see, he was diagnosed with severe acid reflux when he was a month old.  Since that time, he has been in and out of doctor's offices with many trips to a pediatric gastrointerologist in Dallas.  All of this while I was trying to go back to work full time at the Athletic Department and my husband, Patrick, was out most of the time with work.  In June, he came down with the croup and RSV; we were seeing the doctor every day, had him on a nebulizer, and even made a trip to the emergency room due to his breathing difficulties.  During this time, my husband went to work for a start-up company and I discovered a spot on my leg.  We took him to the emergency room on a Sunday in July and I found out the following Tuesday morning from a phone call from my dermatologist that I had melanoma.  30 years old, healthy, with a sick 6 month old, and now I had cancer. 
My dermatologist was shocked that it came back melanoma, and she said that she was glad I noticed it and asked about it.  It looked nothing like melanoma usually does.  We were immediately sent to MD Anderson for consultation and treatment.  Word spread through my friends, family, both of our co-workers, neighbors, college groups, church members, daycare staff, students (I work with student-athletes at Texas A&M full time), and even poeple who did not know us surrounded us with prayer and support. I even had 3 people call me that had heard about me and wanted to share their cancer stories and pray for me.  My husband's cousin, who is a missionary at NYU, had every missionary on college campuses praying for us as well.   We felt so humbled by all the concern and prayers.  The Sunday before my appointment on that Tuesday, Brother David talked about the miracle of the Royal official's son and the faith that he had that his son would be healed.  Wow!  It seemed like he was talking directly to me and is what I needed to hear most at that time.  My parents came in to go with my husband and me to the first appointment, while my father-in-law and mother-in-law came in to watch Tate since he could not go to MD Anderson with us.  Many people who I had not seen in years or spoken to, such as my high school teachers and classmates, contacted me and told me their stories.  It turns out a lot more people have had melanoma than I knew and are doing well.
We met with Dr Ross, who everyone assured me was THE top melanoma surgeon, and he decided since the biopsy was so thin, to follow the protocol for a deep melanoma and also decided to do a sentinel lymph node biopsy.  I was very scared about the unknown and the upcoming surgery, but I wanted to get it done as soon as possible.  I had surgery on July 29th to remove the melanoma and the lymph node.  I was told that I would find out 7-10 days whether everything was gone or if I needed further treatment.  I also was told that I could not lift or pick up anything until I got my stitches out, which was 3 weeks from surgery.  This meant that I could not pick up or hold my sweet baby for 3 weeks, and taking care of him without daycare would be impossible for me.  During all this time, Tate was still out of daycare, so my parents and Patrick's parents took turns helping us out.  I got a call a week and a half after the surgery and was told the margins were all clear and my lymph node did not show any cancer in it at all (Praise God!!!)!!!  As I write this, I head back to MD Anderson tomorrow to get my stitches out and to be put on a follow up program. 
The miracles are many in my story, and they happened in ways that I never expected.  1. The first miracle was that the surgeon was able to remove all of it, with no additional treatment necessary at this point-this is the most obvious miracle.  2. Another miracle was that the day before I found out I had cancer, my boss approached me about going to part time to help me with Tate's ongoing health problems...little did we know this would be even more wonderful due to the news I was about to receive.  3. My students and former students supported and loved on me in droves and talked openly of God's healing power, faith, and how they were praying for me.   A few of them had never even given God much more than a passing thought.  I had so many text messages and phone calls from them throughout this whole process. 4. My neighbor has pancreatic cancer, and this gave me an opportunity to reach out to her and talk with her about the surgical process at MD Anderson to ease her mind, and she in return was able to relate and comfort me because she understood.  5. Our old Sunday school teachers and classmates (Nearly-Newlyweds) made us yummy food and helped to take the pressure off of us to feed my parents and in-laws while trying to recover and take care of a sick baby. 6. Tate's daycare at St Michael's sent both of us a get well card and assured us that his spot would be there no matter what and that anything they could do, they would. 7. The specialist says that Tate's constant sickness will be a distant memory after his first year of life and that even his colds will be easier for him to handle by that time.  Until then, we continue the nebulizer treatments and keep a close watch on him.  8. The biggest miracle of all came from a completely unexpected place.  My husband quit his job after 6 years as a Service Supervisor at BJ Services, an oil service company in Bryan, to pursue an opportunity to start up a company (Elite Chemicals) in this area, which meant more time home with us.  Many of them found out about our situation, including one supervisor trainee that Patrick had trained.  They were out in the field on a location about to do the job with this trainee supervising, and the trainee told everyone about what we were going through.  This trainee told my husband that they all stopped what they were doing and came together and prayed for us right then and there in the middle of that meeting.  He said many of them had tears in their eyes as well because despite all their differences, the petty disputes that happen in most work environments, and their beliefs, they came together as one group in the middle of the oil field to pray for one of their former co-workers and his family. He said that this act has changed many of them and that their relationships are completely different than they were before.  In the day and age where prayer and Jesus are points of contention in the workplace, it is absolutely amazing that this happened. I never knew that a baby and a spot on a leg, could change people's lives.   God is indeed amazing and He does have a purpose for everything, even if we do not understand it.  Going into this, I had faith that I would be healed and my son would be ok, but I did not know that by asking and believing that God could work a miracle, he would work many miracles in many people's lives just because of our story. 
Mark 11:22-23
22"Have faith in God," Jesus answered. 23"I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain, 'Go, throw yourself into the sea,' and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him.

Krista Thomson

Until next time,
The tot

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

dinner with Anaiah and the cousins :)

So, my mommy and I got to have dinner with Anaiah and my cousins, Whitney, Donny, Kevin, and Sande at Abuelos.  Kevin and Sande are Whitney's parents; Kevin is daddy's cousin (my second cousin), Whitney is daddy's second cousin (my third cousin), and Anaiah is my fourth cousin (some people have called us "kissing cousins" but no way, she's family!  I'm gonna be her protector as she gets older and chase all the boys away that aren't worthy of dating her...don't worry Donny, I got your back :)).  Yes, it gets kinda confusing sometimes, but it is neat to have a big family.   It was Kevin and Sande's first time to meet me and I was excited; they both held me and told me how wonderful I was!  Things were going great until I touched my hand on mommy's hot plate and screamed like you wouldn't hurt soo badly and mommy felt super bad :(.  Finally, I calmed down when Kevin held me, and we took some pictures together to remember the night by.  Hopefully, I will get to see them again soon because we had lots of fun, despite my incident with the plate...lesson learned.  Below are the pictures thanks to cousin Whitney.

Until next time,

The tot

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

fire trucks and dinosaurs

my nebulizer
So, lately I have been really sick.  Many of you saw that I was sick a few weeks ago, and I have never really gotten over it.  I first had the croup, then I caught RSV and they put me on a nebulizer, which is the highlight of all of this sickness because it is a fire truck.  But, that is not even the best part, the mask is even is a dinosaur!  I am patient for my treatments for the most part, but sometimes I get really sick of them.  I got the nebulizer on Friday because the doctor heard some fluid in my lungs and I was having a hard time breathing.  On Sunday, I was having an even harder time breathing and took a trip to the emergency room.  They released me, but were still very worried.  Yesterday, I went back to see my doctor and she said my lungs were clear, but that I was still having problems breathing and she did not know why.  Everyone is really worried, but I have mommy, daddy, grandma, and nana who are taking excellent care of me.  I will keep everyone posted of my progress. 

Unitl next time,

me asleep and feeling crummy
The tot

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

binky bears and bouncy chairs, these are a few of my favorite things!

funny face!
2 cool dudes!
frog hat and mommy
one of burp cloths many uses!
I thought I would take a moment to tell you about a few of my favorite things as of right now.  First and foremost, I love people...anyone and everyone!  I love to smile and make faces at them in hopes of getting a smile, conversation, or any type of attention in return.  As I have stated in my previous posts, I love Miss Bee...she is my girl and I love to talk up a storm with her.  My binky bear is one of my new favorites and I have gotten to where if binky bear doesn't go everywhere with me, I make sure it is a loong outing for mommy.  He helps my medicine go down easier, soothes me when I am upset, and comforts me to sleep when I don't want to...he is my best buddy.  Giraffe blankie and sophie, my other giraffe, are binky bear's buddies and they are also becoming super important to me as well.  Right now, mom won't let me go anywhere without sophie because it is my teething toy, and I am cutting my first tooth on the top right side this week.  You see, sophie is made out of rubber and contains two separate squeakers, one in her head and the other in her body (perfect to drive my papa nuts!).  Every time I accidentally squeak on of the squeakers, I jump...I know it's coming, but I still jump.  Essentially, she is a dog toy dressed up a little, with a cute face and is sold to desperate moms everywhere dealing with grumpy, teething babies.  I like her, so I guess it works out for mom. :)  Burp cloths, ah the many uses of burp cloths!  They have been used for spit-up, drool, runny noses, a make shift teether, a wig (yes, a wig!  check out the picture of me...I think I look distinguished :)), and a sun shield in the stroller.  Speaking of strollers, I love mine!  Maybe it is because I always like to be on the go so much; the car is also a great option!   My bouncy chair is another one of my favorite things because it has Miss Bee on it and a get to bounce until my heart is content, while still watching the world go by.  Other things that make my heart happy are crowded places (again the people thing), my bottle, frog hats, my girlfriend at daycare, overalls, mommy and daddy, grandmas and grandpas, being held and played with, kisses, nanas and papas, tractors (ok, so maybe I am influenced by my daddy right now, but its possible I like them too :)), trying to sit up like a big boy, silly faces,  monkey butts, godparents, big boy carseats, Dr Argao (he's a pretty cool guy, he makes me feel better and doesn't give me shots), aunts and uncles and cousins, my lamb, being outside, sports on TV, fishies that put you to sleep (thanks baby einstein), and sleep (yes, I LOVE my sleep!).  And these are a few of my favorite things!!!

Monkey butt (I think my mommy likes it more than me :))

binky bear!
John Deere's and papa!

my godparents
Big boy carseat

Until next time,
The tot

binky bear and daddy's hat
Miss Bee, my first girlfriend
silly faces :)